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Let’s rediscover, together, the person each of us is outside of motherhood.

Normalizing All Parts Of Motherhood 

Mommy Brain is a community for women to openly talk through the tough parts of motherhood with their peers and to tap into our collective of experts through an extensive library of recorded discussions and Q&As.  

Your kids don't need a perfect mom, they need a mom who's choosing herself too. 

- Ravelle Worthington, Mommy Brain Founder

Join us in normalizing all parts of motherhood through shared experiences and storytelling. 

We're Created By Moms, For Moms.

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"When I discovered Mommy Brain I was quite ecstatic to realize that there were other professional moms having similar experiences. The MB community allows me to feel connected to other moms I've never physically met, but that I can relate to. Truth be told, I hold back nothing when it comes to asking questions or being open about my challenges and experiences. Mommy Brain is like that village you need when raising children."


“Mommy Brain is essential to keeping my 'mommy brain' at bay. It is a beautiful network of moms that support and lift each other up. Thanks to Mommy Brain I feel that I have better tools to care for myself and my family."


“I'm so happy to be part of this wonderful community. Mommy Brain experts have been a huge help, and the group members are awesome and kind. I'm not usually a poster, but the MB platform is so welcoming and with topics touching on day-to-day mom life I've found myself drawn to share!"

Why Mommy Brain 

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